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First Review of Sea Change 

They say that every story has been told and new ones are just variations of old ones, but this is the first book I have come across that makes �heroes� of �outcasts� and challenges long held, deep prejudices.  

Not many people would dare to write about such a taboo, but Narvel Annable has done so in the best way possible by making it part of an intriguing and challenging �true life� story � his story.  This is a sometimes harrowing account, portraying real people with real feelings and real dilemmas amid real intolerance and real dangers.  He has lifted the lid on a secret world which open-minded people will find irresistible.  

Life for 12-year-old gay boy Simeon is so bad that he contemplates suicide.  But he finds a friend in �Guzzly Granddad�, a paedophile who helps him escape a life of torment in a Derbyshire mining town without pity.  On his journey to freedom, Simeon meets others who live secret lives, discovering love, courage and kindness in their twilight world. 

The account of Simeon�s transition from unwanted, bullied boy to confident adult is moving and inspiring, and furthers the cause of compassion and understanding for people who are perceived to be �different�. 

To say the author struggled at school, this is brilliant writing; a powerful story with a challenging message. 

Robert Anthony

Freelance Journalist


Second Review of Sea Change 

Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley was still bellowing out from Milk Bar jukeboxes in 1957 and through 1958 - the period for which Narvel Annable�s latest novel Sea Changeis set.  It�s more like Heartbreak Heanor though, as thatSix-Five Special steamin� down the line is taking us on a rocky rollercoaster of real emotions.  From fear and despair to love and understanding; from a culture of cruelty to one of kindness. 

Hold on tight as we travel through deepest darkest seediest Derbyshire, out through treacherous snow, into mysterious magical woods and then out again as far as Scotland (or is it?).  With your trusty Cresta Deluxe rucksack crammed with essentials and your fleece-lined bomber-jacket, you won�t go far wrong. 

This challenging ride is not for the faint hearted however, so be warned, but the reward lies in the magic of Narvel�s writing and the journey he takes you on as you feel you are transported to the there and then�even though sometimes you�d really rather not be.  Sea Change is the transformation of a poor, bullied and abused boy into something rich and strange, and Oh Boy! a story with characters that you will never forget. 

Allan Morton 

Local Writer

Sea Change is another great yarn from the storyteller of gay Derbyshire, Narvel Annable


Interwoven with references to real-life events

and history, he writes a terrific

mystery novel


I wish we had a Narvel in every region of

England to tell such tales


He is a powerhouse of campaigning

and letter writing to the press 


His amazing work reaches local people

big national campaigns often do not. 

He is very effective


Peter Tatchell, human rights campaigner



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