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 Reviews of A Judge to Far

"I found it an entertaining read. If I am looking for an outspoken judge in future, I shall certainly know whom to contact."

Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor, The Daily Telegraph 02.05.02



"a career which is interesting in itself, but is also a glowing example of the strengths of our social and education system as it was before it was finally dumbed down in the name of equality of opportunity.
"In general, this book is enjoyable, instructive and refreshing. Narvel Annable has researched well and interviewed widely. For my money, Judge Matthewman ought now to be Lord Chief Justice rather than a retired Crown Court Judge."

Maxwell Craven, Derby Evening Telegraph 18.01.02



"Personal tales add to the character of the story ... a must read for former pupils of the Long Eaton Grammar School. This intriguing and amusing biography is thoroughly enjoyable."

Karen Payne, Long Eaton Advertiser 20.12.01



"Narvel has painstakingly researched the full background of Keith's life.
Controversial and imaginative."

Pauline Oldrini, Belper News 12.12.01 and Ripley and Heanor News 13.12.01



"An extraordinary life and an informative social history."

Derbyshire Life and Countryside Magazine, February 2002



"Congratulations to Narvel Annable ... so many interesting stories in this biography about (as he is dubbed by the Press) 'the hanging judge'."

John Holmes, BBC Radio Derby 06.12.01



"Narvel's made a very good job of this book."

Brian Tansley, BBC Radio Nottingham 07.12.01



"Eagerly anticipated and twice read to date! I was full of admiration for the way in which Narvel Annable has successfully translated such obviously painstaking research into such a fascinating insight into the life and times of a colourful character.
"I feel very proud to be associated with this publication which brought memories flooding back and felt quite a few pangs of nostalgia."

Judy Cullimore, former Crown Court Reporter of the Nottingham Evening Post 19.03.02



"A fascinating story with photographs, documents and newspaper extracts which stir local memories. As many criminals have found to their cost, Judge Keith Matthewman is indeed a tough judge with a tough reputation."

Mike Astill, Nottinghamshire Today, April 2002



"A pity that it had to end - I had to make myself put it down during the read in order to give time to reflect and consider what had just been read to see how it fitted into the 'big picture' of Mr Annable's subject - a man with such outstanding and distinguished features and qualities. A big 'thank you' to Narvel Annable for giving readers the opportunity to have his biography to read and enjoy. I particularly appreciated his unique style which demonstrated that biography is not linear but a complex mesh of happenings and features. It was simply superb. I am left in wonder as to the author's skills to compile, collate and style such a portrait and insight of, and about, such a wonderful person."

Philip Judge, Lambley, Nottingham 28.12.01



"An excellent book providing fascinating social and historical insights."

Nick Seaton, The Campaign for Real Education 30.12.02




"Mr Annable, an author with unusual disciplined powers of concentration and single mindedness, has done enough meticulous painstaking research to have earned two doctorates in this work which is interesting and highly educational. I am envious of his creative drive. The few create; the many enjoy."

Alex Hart, Highland Park, Michigan USA 04.04.02



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