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 Reviews of Death on the Derwent

"A remarkable murder mystery novel ... gives a new twist to the whodunit genre ... a skilful mixture of fact and fiction ... strong historical interest ... complications and twists, red herrings and false trails. Mr Annable has got himself a real-life, ready-made character in Miss Florence Calder. This could be - should be - the start of a series of Miss Calder novels."

Geoff Hammerton, Derby Evening Telegraph 17.12.99



"Peopled with distinctive characters ... meritorious for the descriptive detail. A well-produced book. Worth reading a second time or more to fully appreciate the construction of this ingenious novel."

Margaret Beardsley, Belper News 23.02.00



"Great characters!"

Bob Attewell, Belper Express 13.01.00



"I loved the rich and qualitative language, the machinations, twists and turns of the plot. I was empathetic with the characters as they desperately tried to unravel the mystery Mr Annable has so brilliantly created."

Terry Ladlow, 'Terivision Productions', Wetwang, Driffield, East Yorkshire 22.03.00



"Simon Tonks is the village fool who ends up as a servant to the Calders, Claud Hoadley is the pompous Belper man-turned-snob who teaches elocution so that the townspeople can 'better themselves' and Aubrey Pod is a pushy 'Mr Toad' character always full of himself."

Paul Imrie, 'Talk of the Town', Derby Evening Telegraph 23.11.99



"Interesting and amusing."

Marla Addison, Peak Times 10.12.99



Death on the Derwent is now in kindle form from Amazon & can be obtained from Derbyshire County Library and used copies are available on the internet.





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