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Contents of Scruffy Chicken

Chapter 1 Five Days with an Old Queen
Chapter 2 The Soldier's Shoulder
Chapter 3 Empty, Inane, Asinine and Idiotic
Chapter 4 Death of the American Dream
Chapter 5 A Rude Awakening
Chapter 6 Frozen Chicken
Chapter 7 When Them Lips Close Up
Chapter 8 The Empress of England
Chapter 9 The Derby Turkish Baths
Chapter 10 Goblins, Gnomes and Fairies
Chapter 11 The Secret Life of Mr Toad
Chapter 12 Shell Bay, Bournemouth
Chapter 13 The Consultant Surgeon
Chapter 14 Lea Gardens
Chapter 15 The Elite Derby Camp
Chapter 16 Friday Night at the Friary
Chapter 17 The Corporation at the Cattle Market
Chapter 18 Sweet Revenge
Chapter 19 Canning Circus Cottage
Chapter 20 Mischievous Postcards from Bridlington
Chapter 21 Black Witch / White Witch
Chapter 22 The Flying Horse
Chapter 23 Jealousy, Envy and a Rattlesnake
Chapter 24 From Ancient Grudge Break to New Mutiny
Chapter 25 Importuning
Chapter 26 The Bent Spire
Chapter 27 Chickens in Chesterfield
Chapter 28 Pig In
Chapter 29 Monks, Muckles, Mischief and Mayhem
Chapter 30 Sheffield
Chapter 31 A Dancing Gnome
Chapter 32 Corn in Egypt
Chapter 33 Legends of the Nottingham Scene
Chapter 34 A Conjuring Trick
Chapter 35 Police!
Chapter 36 Burned Alive
Chapter 37 Screams in Darley Park
Chapter 38 Mors Janua Vitae
Chapter 39 Mr Big
Chapter 40 All Boys, All Butch, All Beautiful
Chapter 41 Bouncing Chickens
Chapter 42 Blackpool's North Pier
Chapter 43 The Old Folks
Chapter 44 7 / 7











Double Life

Sea Change

Secret Summer

Scruffy Chicken

Lost Lad

A Judge Too Far

Death on the Derwent


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