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Contents of Lost Lad

Chapter 1 Fantasy of Death
Chapter 2 The Dreaded Confrontation
Chapter 3 The Agony, the Erotic and the Ecstasy
Chapter 4 Looks Good, Feels Good, Tastes Good
Chapter 5 The Golden Oarsman
Chapter 6 Journey to the Far North
Chapter 7 Adventures Along the Cromford Canal
Chapter 8 Water-cum-Jolly Dale
Chapter 9 Fairies, Goblins and Sacrificial Groves
Chapter 10 Wormhill
Chapter 11 A Gallery of Light in Tideswell
Chapter 12 Hell for Leather
Chapter 13 The Servant at Cressbrook Hall
Chapter 14 "He Comes Not Still, tis Dark No Moon"
Chapter 15 Acetous, Aloof, Cold and Haughty
Chapter 16 A Seductive, Suggestive, Silver Tongue
Chapter 17 Cracker Biscuits in the Cottage
Chapter 18 Guzzly Granddad
Chapter 19 Dolly, Dolly, Deep Dark and Devious
Chapter 20 A Writhing Tangle of Lubricated Bodies
Chapter 21 Butch Numbers and Bitchy Queens
Chapter 22 Babbacombe to Horsley Woodhouse
Chapter 23 Put Ya 'At on Joey!
Chapter 24 Clothes of the Dead
Chapter 25 The Hustler the Pimp and the Murderer
Chapter 26 Sluts Slags and Strumpets
Chapter 27 An Appeal on BBC Radio Derby
Chapter 28 The Other Twin
Chapter 29 Ghosts
Chapter 30 The Thoughts of Simeon
Chapter 31 Nymphs, Naiads and Dryads
Chapter 32 St John's Chapel in Belper
Chapter 33 Fantasy of Life

Cast of Characters in Lost Lad

Big Boy - A leading bully at Mundy Street Boys School when he was a well developed twelve year old in 1957, Simeon Hogg's darkest year. Enjoying delegated authority from a sadistic schoolmaster, Big Boy inflicted pain and took his pleasure at will.

Adolphus Coggan -  known as Dolly - Gardener to Mr Hardman. Softly spoken with a silver tongue of beautiful rounded vowels. Dolly, deep, dark and mysterious, is an amusing and smooth scented rotundity who has lived at the lodge to Cressbrook Hall since childhood.

Tom Day - known as Titch - The class clown and smallest of 'the six' pupils of William Howitt Secondary Modern School who take a cycle ride up into the Peak District in 1960.

Duck and Mrs Duck - plump and cosy residents in an end of terrace house known as 'The Duckery' at Bog Hole in Horsley Woodhouse. Soft, cushy, downy and ductile, they spend their days twittering over the trifling and the trivia of everyday life.

Brian Forrester - One of the non-identical twins of 'the six' who shares the same qualities as his brother Danny, but also with a keen sense of humour and a slight tendency to mischief and teasing.
Danny Forrester - Easy-going, open, honest, good natured lad who is ever cheerful, generous and trusting.

Kelly Grocock - The 'village bicycle' of Horsley Woodhouse. A teenager of easy virtue who shocked respectable opinion by boasting of being a 'loose bitch' - but, also, a 'hard bitch'.

Guzzly Granddad - Ugly, unpleasant, smelly old man of uncertain age who resides in a squalid terraced house in the back streets of Derby entertaining a harem of teenage boys. Toothless, slimy and slavering, his frequently seen glistening tongue advertised his wanton speciality. Addressed as 'Granddad' but his real name, according to letters, is Mr T. Piggs. Rumour has it that 'T' stands for Toby.

Algernon Hardman - Haughty, cold, aloof, academic acetous owner of Cressbrook Hall from 1944.

Charles Hardman - Son of Algernon Hardman. As an adult he is an acclaimed author of Derbyshire folklore. A charming and popular gentleman with impeccable manners. He has mixed feelings and no small amount of fear about re-opening the investigation which appears to throw suspicion on his late father.

Helen Hardman - Upright proud 'county' lady of 'good breeding' who married Charles Hardman in 1976. They have two daughters and five grandchildren by 2003. Helen is determined to protect her husband from the 'irresponsible amateur detectives' who have travelled 4000 miles to threaten the peace and contentment of her family.

Isaiah Hardman - 1858 to 1944. Cotton mill owner who bought Cressbrook Hall in 1888. Father of Algernon.

Marjorie Hardman - Married Algernon Hardman in 1945, mother of Charles. Killed in Albania in 1960.
Gertie Hogg - Sharp tongued matriarch of the Hogg family. This highly entertaining harridan is Simeon's favourite Aunt living with her husband Fred (the same age) at number two Bog Hole.

Joyce Hogg - Maiden aunt of Simeon and everything Gary Mackenzie hates! She is old fashioned, bovine, slow, pleasant and inoffensive. A shy rustic provincial spinster, very nervous of men, who spends her days chatting to the budgie on the kitchen table in her terraced, life long home at number four Bog Hole, a scruffy but quaint back street corner of Horsley Woodhouse.

Simeon Hogg - (Dobba) - One of 'the six' who is haunted for 43 years by the memory of the inexplicable disappearance of a good friend back in 1960. In April 2003 he retires from a teaching career in the USA and returns to Derbyshire to find the lost lad.

Wilfred Hogg - Grumpy old fashioned uncle of Simeon. Insular and narrow minded, retired coal-miner with a horror of travel and all things foreign. Lives with his crumpled and ruckled wife Nelly at number three Bog Hole, Horsley Woodhouse.
Rex Lloyd - Compact, well proportioned, powerful, muscular member of 'the six'. A strapping popular vibrant personality, confident and raucous, second only to Scott North.

Gary Mackenzie - Long standing American friend and foil for Simeon Hogg. Cosmopolitan, well-travelled and intolerant of the parochial introspective world of Heanor and Horsley Woodhouse. Over sexed, energetic, fast moving, highly strung, hyper-active with a short fuse.

Scott North - Athletic blond lad with stunning good looks and leader of the original 'six'.
Aggie Oaks Born in 1924 aged 79 in 2003. Long time enemy of Gertie Hogg, Aggie has owned and served in the corner shop at Bog Hole for as long as anyone can remember.

Detective Inspector Derek Russell  - Born in 1915, 45 in 1960 when he headed the search for the lost lad and is still a lively, fit 88 in 2003. An officer with natural, easy charm: cordial, polite and patient. 

Barry and Yvonne Peirson - Owners of Wellhead Farm guest house in Wormhill where 'the six' have an enjoyable and interesting holiday with three dogs, six cats, four chickens, a goat and a sheep.

Simon Tonks - Butler, cook, cleaner & general man-servant to the Hardman family since 1952. Likeable, laughable, slightly built clairvoyant with a notorious and hilarious history of erotic 'incidents' which usually take place in public lavatories.

Detective Sergeant John Winter - Solid 'run of the mill' copper who for many years was an assistant to Detective Inspector Derek Russell.

Jasper Wormall - Small, hideous and effeminate with deep set leering fish eyes. Looking positively Jurassic, 'The Goblin' as he was known in Belper, lived in a primitive isolated cottage up Shire Oaks practising his legendary talents of body massage and very keen to offer the 'extras'.






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